MajOr joins the Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai player lineup
MajOr is back! The Latin American qualifier for Shanghai is now concluded and we have our 9th qualifier player.

The Latin American qualifier for Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai was the last circuit passport qualifier, where all participants have to fulfill the WCS 2016 residency requirements. The final stage of the qualifier saw four Zerg, three Terran and one Protoss player fighting for one available slot at the next IEM tournament. In the end, it was MajOr's Terran who secured a ticket to Shanghai.

The qualifier

There were four favorites in the final stage of the qualifier: MajOr, Kelazhur, JimRising and Cham, and it was those players the qualifier came down to in the end. All of them won their initial matches and moved onto the semifinals after which JimRising and Kelazhur dropped to the lower bracket after losing to Cham and MajOr respectively. The latter two continued their fight in the winners' finals where MajOr took a decisive 2-0 and after which was awaiting his last opponent in the grand final.

Upper bracket results


  • Cham vs. HalfBreed: 2-0
  • wiNgiAN vs. JimRising: 0-2
  • By Rada vs. MajOr: 0-2
  • Smile vs. Kelazhur: 0-2


  • Cham vs. JimRising: 2-1
  • MajOr vs. Kelazhur: 2-1

Winners' finals

  • Cham vs. MajOr: 0-2

Lower bracket results

  • wiNgiAN vs. HalfBreed: 0-2
  • Smile vs. By Rada: 2-0
  • Kelazhur vs. HalfBreed: 2-0
  • JimRising vs. Smile: 2-0
  • Kelazhur vs. JimRising: 2-0
  • Cham vs. Kelazhur: 0-2

Grand finals

Everything came down to the two best players in the region: the Terrans MajOr and Kelazhur, who met again after their initial encounter in the semifinals. MajOr has always been Mexico's number one player however, in the recent years he has been challenged by other players, including Kelazhur, creating big rivalry between the two. Despite Kelazhur's impressive run through the lower bracket, he did not manage to overcome MajOr's fantastic form and fell to him, once again, 1-2.

MajOr has established himself as one of the best players in his region but has yet to make a strong statement on the international stage. Shanghai will be MajOr's second Intel Extreme Masters after participating in IEM Sao Paulo in 2014. We are looking to see how he will perform on the Shanghai stage. Head over to our tournament page to see who will be his competition!

Onto the open qualifiers

Seven slots remain to be filled at Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai, Three will be decided via open server qualifiers which will take place on Saturday, June 11th. For more information about these qualifiers, head over to one of their respective pages:

The final four slots will be received by players through direct invitations.

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