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28.04.2017 07:16 (Cat: Sydney)

The Sydney 8 - Will OpTic’s GreenWall stand strong at Intel® Extreme Masters Sydney?

Despite facing roster difficulties, OpTic’s recent LAN results have been optimistic. Will they surprise at IEM Sydney?

20.04.2017 08:47 (Cat: Sydney)

The Sydney 8 - Can the home crowd favorites Renegades make their fans proud?

The most known Australian team will try to make a stand on their home turf. But can they manage to upset the EU and NA favorites?

19.04.2017 10:16 (Cat: Sydney)

Meet the broadcast team to bring you all the action live from IEM Sydney!

These are the faces and voices to relay and analyse everything happening at Australia’s first esports stadium event.

19.04.2017 09:58 (Cat: Sydney)

Acer joins Intel Extreme Masters Sydney as official Desktop PC and Notebook sponsor

Players and fans alike can look forward to experiencing the official systems by Acer!

19.04.2017 07:59 (Cat: Sydney)

The Sydney 8 - Will we hear the North roar at Intel® Extreme Masters?

North finished in the top 8 at IEM World Championship Katowice. Can they make it to the very top in Sydney?

18.04.2017 20:45 (Cat: Sydney)

HyperX once again joins forces with Intel® Extreme Masters for Season 12!

HyperX will once again be the peripheral and memory partner for IEM throughout Season 12.

13.04.2017 13:46 (Cat: Sydney)

SPUNJ: “Having an event of this scale on our door step is huge for the scene”

We spoke with Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill about esports in Australia leading up to IEM Sydney.

12.04.2017 01:48 (Cat: Sydney)

League of Legends joins the Community Stage at IEM Sydney!

Watch some of your favourite pro League of Legends players battle on the Community Stage at Intel® Extreme Masters Sydney

10.04.2017 14:21 (Cat: Sydney)

Chiefs Esports Club over Tainted Minds in the Oceania qualifier leading towards IEM Sydney

The eighth and final team for the CS:GO tournament has been determined.

07.04.2017 08:29 (Cat: Sydney)

The Sydney 8 - nine months without a title, will SK Gaming return to the top at Intel® Extreme Masters in Australia?

SK Gaming, once the best team in the world, have not won a tournament since ESL One Cologne 2016. Can they break this streak at IEM Sydney?

06.04.2017 07:48 (Cat: Sydney)

The Sydney 8 - Can Astralis keep their momentum going?

Current Major and IEM World Champions are the number favorite to take the victory at Sydney. Can they clinch two IEM trophies in a row?

06.04.2017 02:01 (Cat: Sydney)

Announcing SMITE at the IEM Sydney Community Stage!

Join us at IEM Sydney to watch your favourite professional SMITE players play at the Community Stage!

04.04.2017 00:09 (Cat: Sydney)

What’s good in the IEM Sydney Goodie Bag

We had some fun with our April Fools' IEM Sydney goodie bag—now it’s time to find out what’s in the real thing!

03.04.2017 10:41 (Cat: Sydney)

Only two remain in the running - catching up on the ANZ qualifier for IEM Sydney

After two days of matches, two teams remain in the closed qualifier for IEM Sydney. Check out how the matches so far went down.

31.03.2017 11:50 (Cat: Sydney)

Welcome Vici Gaming to IEM Sydney! Our Chinese qualifier recap

After hard fought matches in the Chinese qualifier, Vici Gaming secure a lot at IEM Sydney.

30.03.2017 21:57 (Cat: Sydney)

Celebrate esports at Intel® Extreme Masters Sydney - announcing the Community

Multiple esports titles played on stage and a free-play area for all - join us at the Community stage at IEM Sydney.

28.03.2017 20:00 (Cat: Sydney)

The Sydney 8 - can Katowice finalists FaZe claim their first LAN tournament win?

A closer look at the runner-ups of IEM Katowice who are rising to be at the very top of the CS:GO scene.

24.03.2017 17:28 (Cat: Sydney)

Announcing the Chinese qualifier for IEM Sydney!

One slot at IEM Sydney is on the line as the Chinese qualifier kicks off this weekend.

16.03.2017 13:24 (Cat: Katowice, Season 11)

Intel and ESL Welcome 173,000 Fans at World’s Biggest Esports Event in History

Intel® Extreme Masters Katowice 2017 sees increased attendance, online viewership, and social media reach with an expanded festival experience and largest VR demo showcase in esports

15.03.2017 12:39 (Cat: Sydney, Season 11)

Announcing the ANZ qualifier for Intel® Extreme Masters Sydney!

CS:GO teams from across the Oceanic region, this is your chance to compete at the first ever IEM tournament held in Australia.

07.03.2017 00:00 (Cat: Sydney)

Intel Extreme Masters comes to Sydney this May

Two days of CS:GO await in Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena.

03.03.2017 20:27 (Cat: Katowice)

Immortals and Astralis complete the semi finals in CS:GO at IEM Katowice

Catch up on how the quarterfinals have turned out on the first day at Spodek Arena!

02.03.2017 20:44 (Cat: Katowice)

Another fall of favorites on day two of CS:GO at IEM Katowice

With 2016 champions Fnatic getting eliminated on day one, there was a lot of pressure on the teams of group B!

02.03.2017 09:30 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

Overtimes, upsets and amazing plays - day one of CS:GO at IEM Katowice

Day one lived up to the hype and more - take a look at our recap.

01.03.2017 15:00 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

What does IEM Katowice hold in store for ByuN

The One Man Army takes the stage tomorrow in Group A of the Ro24!

28.02.2017 10:45 (Cat: Katowice)

IEM Katowice to see local heroes, SK Gaming and more in CS:GO Group B!

After taking a closer look at the teams from group A, it’s now time to check out the group of and way more title winning teams.

27.02.2017 13:45 (Cat: Katowice)

Astralis, Fnatic and more to compete in CS:GO group A at IEM Katowice

We're taking a look at Group A today, featuring some of the strongest CS:GO sides of the past year. It's set to be explosive!

27.02.2017 10:30 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

The 2017 Intel Extreme Masters World Champions in League of Legends have been crowned!

After four days of exciting League of Legends action happening in Katowice, XXX lifted the IEM trophy.

24.02.2017 10:29 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

First teams get eliminated on day two of League of Legends at IEM Katowice

See how day two unfolded with some of the teams fighting for survival in the tournament.

23.02.2017 12:06 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

Test your VR skills and win prizes at the Intel VR Games at IEM EXPO

On March 5th, the Auditorium at the IEM EXPO will become a VR battleground where attendees will be able to compete and win prizes.